Nutrition To Enhance Fertility


A beautifully designed 12 page ebook with a professional feel. This product introduces and explains how appropriate nutrition can positively influence fertility


What are the Acupuncture Lead Magnets For?

The “Lead Magnets” are designed for you to provide your clients with appropriately pitched knowledge that consolidates what you may have discussed with them. Based on the principle of “the more we know, the better we do” the guides are beautifully designed and explain some of the treatments you may offer or the underlying causes of their symptoms etc.

This beautifully designed ebook that will show your clients that you care about their wellbeing and that you are the type of practitioner that will go the extra mile by sending out this resource to them. It can also be used as a Lead magnet on your website to let prospective clients know that YOU can meet their needs.

These pages of loveliness outline how appropriate nutrition can help boost fertility and overall wellness. Briefly, the topics included are:

  1. Why It Is Important To Eliminate The Junk
  2. A TCM Perspective Of Nutrition
  3. Nourishing Egg And Sperm Cells
  4. Two Delicious Recipes (although the ebook is not intended to be a recipe book.)
  5. A General Guide About Which Foods To Avoid Or To Have In Moderation
  6. A Few Lifestyle Tips To Make Things More Manageable

BONUS Canva Template

When you invest in these products, not only do you get the ready-to-go downloadable ebook, but also the FULLY EDITABLE Canva template. To use this you will need a free Canva account and then you can customise the ebooks – you can add your brand colours, add your contact details, add a personal section introducing yourself. Don’t make too many changes though – the guides are just lovely as they are!


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